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  This is a list of all our ingredients in our products. We have tried to keep them as pure and natural as possible. The chemical name and the layman's name both are listed for a better understanding of the product. We choose to use as little fragrance as possible in our products so it doesn't irritate sensitive skin, and you get the most out of our products. 

Pamico's soap with Olive Oil...Purified water, glycerin, olive
                                     oil (olea europaea), sodium
                                     chloride (table salt), lauric
                                      acid (foaming agent), essential oil.
Pamico's soap with Shea Butter... Purified water, glycerin,
                                    Shea Butter, sodium palm kernelate
                                    (palm kernel oil), sodium palmate
                                    (organic substance derived from
                                    palm oil), lauric acid (foaming agent), essential oil.
Pamico's Healing Lip Balm... Olive oil, candililla wax, tea tree oil,
                                    vitamin E, mint flavor.
Pamico's Body Butter with Olive Oil...Shea butter, coco butter,olive oil                                              (olea europae) distilled H2O, glycerin, coconut                                             oil, emulsifying wax (to hold oils together),                                                     essential oil.

Pamico's Dead Sea Scrub... Dead sea salt, dendritic salt,
                                    jojoba oil, essential oil.
Pamico's Lotion Candles... Soy wax,olive oil (olea europaea),
                                   essential oil.                                   
Pamico's Mens Soap... Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut 
                                   Oil, Palm Oil, glyercin, purified water,
                                   sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, soybean 
                                   protein, wheat protein, essential oil.

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